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Hey Everybody! (...hey, dr nick!....)

If you're here, it's because I told you personally about this page. Here are pictures of me, pictures of my friends, and other such stuff.

PLEASE do not link this page. If you want tell someone else about this page, please ask me first. I don't want pictures of myself and my friends floating about the 'net. I'm doing this so that my friends on one side of the country can see friends on the other side, and vice versa.

So.....welcome! Enjoy your stay.

My home, and my family.

A whole bunch of us at dinner
This is a really old, old picture (I mean, I can barely remember when Josephine's hair was that long), but anyway....that's a load of us.
The three of us missing from that last picture
This is also really old. I was fifteen in this picture, and my hair hasn't been that long in forever, either. Jeremy (you can call him DR Jeremy soon!), me, and Daniel (who will get his Doctorate soon, too!). I'm so proud.
This is a really recent picture of my brother, Aaron, which caused a friend of mine to declare that he's hot. When my hysterical laughter ended, I decided to scan the picture and put it up.
Judases. Look how pretty it is.

Interlochen Arts Camp

Furry, adorable, brilliantly talented. I love 'er ever so.
The ever infamous Blake. Take a look.

Interlochen Arts Academy

Dusty and Myself
This is really one of my favorite pictures, ever.
Darya in the Boys' Side Glade
The ever-stunning Darya
Dusty in his Grad Garb
Dusty on graduation day, 1998
Julliard Julie
The beautiful Julie
Katie and Myself
Katie and I went to church faithfully all year long. Yeah, the Church of J&S Hamburg.
Dusty and Leslie
They went all out for Morp! Check it out!
She's gorgeous, she's grossly talented, and always cheerful. Just look at her, and you'll love her.
My mentor and good friend, Reed, at the Phoenix Theater

Reed College

This is the iguana Emily and I bought at the beginning of the year! Isn't he adorable?
Mara at Winter Formal
Well, not *at* Winter Formal, as much as in her dress and ready to go to Winter Formal
Mara on the Trip to Eugene
We all drove down to Eugene, OR last fall for the Ani Difranco concert and....
Sarah drove!
Sarah, wearing my sunglasses, I might add.
Day of Sushi
We made about 500 pieces of sushi at the end of OWeek, and after stuffing ourselves, walked around campus giving it all away.
We made a huge feast, stuffed ourselves, and then....<sigh>....cleaned up. Oh well. We cooked!
This picture always cracks me up. This is quintessential Toby, and that's Caleb grinning at him
Rachael's Tattoo
This is "Om" (you know, the universal sound) in Tamil.
Sarah in Florida!
Taken in the parking lot of Busch Gardens, Florida.
On Nitrogen Day.
Bite the Mime
aka Tequila Mockingbird, sans two, aka Cooking with Death, aka Make Fun of Canada. On Nitrogen Day. That's Owen, Ian, and Jesse.
The Hardy Boys, and the Mystery of Where Babies Come From
Toby and Jesse. "Nice sweater, Frank!"
Sarah and Nate
Sarah and Nathan at the Pre-Commencement Dinner.
Nate and Steven
Man, do I ever love this picture. This is after Commencement. Can't you tell by their grins?

Shows this year

The Pigs' Firebird
Owen getting the **** beaten out of him, instead of me!
Me in the Pigs' Firebird
I stole this from the Willamette Week. My bad. This me about to get my very own thrashing, of sorts.
Alexis and Jesse
I took this picture the day of the light hang, when the crew had gone home, and Jesse, Alexis and I were left at the theater until rehearsal. So we goofed off. And took naps.
The Garcon Scene
Well, my Baltimore Waltz pictures didn't turn out so well, but I thought I'd at least include one. And Sarah just looks too damned adorable for words!
Um, the Baltimore Waltz cast party...
Be's really, REALLY wierd.
The Amerika set
Lots and LOTS of levels, ladders, and hiding places. From left to right across the set are Caleb, Jamie, Jane, Alyssa, Sarah, Jesse, Simon, Toby, Michael, and Kodiak.

Spring Formal (or not!)

There was a mission: Avoid Spring Formal. There were three tools for this misson: cookies, applesauce, and a camera.
Mission accomplished.

Dante's Door
Something's hungry in the library....
French House
French cookies outside the French House....would the German House have made any sense? No. I thought not.
Weren't we invited?
Hey now. Just because we didn't go to Formal doesn't mean we can't crash a party, now does it?
The Good Sport
So we kind of surprised Sarah.... It's amazing how a cookie can make all surprises better.
At the Annex
You have fifteen exposures on the camera, but only twelve cookies. What would you have done?
Austin on the Amerika set
Don't you think he deserves a cookie for staying up so late at the piano?
The Pool Hall
What? Cookies won't get you a song from the juke box?
All dressed up
So, Caleb did go to Spring Formal. But we, kind-hearted souls that we are, gave him a cookie anyway.

And that be all, for now....