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(a.k.a. Who the heck are we all?)



Me. I love it here. I got Autumn's Laz-E-Boy when she tumbled off the fence onto the 'shipping dock. It's comfy, and close to the pool, the hottub, the jacuzzi, the holosuites, the large-screen tv, etc.

The Major

Dangit, she's always stealing the remote from me for Skinner marathons, and what can I do? She's packing heat. SIGH Oh well. What can a girl do, but love her?

The Minor

Okay, The Minor is The Minor, because The Major is The Major. Got it? Good. a.k.a. Stealth!Goof; a.k.a. The Other Shannon; a.k.a. Hey You.

Sister Squat

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Thrown up to the fence after the movie (wow, who knew?), she's the self-professed "stalwart, quiet one." While the rest of us fight over the remote, she's here for the great view.

Sister Incredulous

One of the original fence-sitters, Sister Incredulous coined our catchphrase: "Shipper at heart, but Noromos smart."

Pendrell, Jr.

One might think that a Junior Pendrell would be a vehement noromo. But this Pendrell is different. This Pendrell saw the light that was UST and admitted to himself that yeah, it could happen.

Sister Zod

If Mulder and Scully do the horizontal mambo,good. If they don't, good. As long as they don't water down the show and keep up with that freaky stuff that keeps her coming back for more, she'll be okay.

Sister Cheryl (SoundBite)

Sister Cheryl sits next to Sister Zod on the fence, shooting rubber bands at the Major when the Skinner worship begins.

Sister Phyllis Marie, Gunney

Gunney Phyllis, though a hard worker and staunch Fence advocate has had some....shall we say "issues"? with 24-hour passes to the 'Ship, but we rest assured that she's here for the long haul, 'cause hey, we love her!

Sister Sassejenn

She survived 'Triangle', and has taken permanent residence on the fence in her cushy pleather La-Z-Boy. She has forsworn the evil emotional manipulation of CC forever, except when she likes them. That's why she's here. Shippers, noromos. . . eat your hearts out!

Sister Contradiction

Sister Contradiction used to be a shipper, but now she's reformed and realized she truly always was a fencesitter at heart - loved the UST, but afraid of the consequences, and just plain tired of ol' Carter messin' with her head. Maybe it was all those goofy giggly fourteen year old shippers...or maybe it was just Rain King ("bleccccch").

Sister Beer

Once she realized that it was ok to feel mooshie and she read Rokken Robin's filk (she loooooves Adam Ant) she was ready. She passed the first true test by watching 'Triangle' three times, remaining balanced, though somewhat precariously. She will not let CC stomp all over her heart!

Sister Shadow, Keeper of the Schmoop Mop

She's here on the condition that she get a recliner near the utility closet. You know, easy access to the mop and bucket to clean up all that schmoop after certain eps.

Sister Sarah Gillian

Like mother, like daughter; Sarah Gillian's bouncer chair sits rit next to the Keeper of the Schmoop Mop's recliner.

Sister Jenn

She likes the shippiness!! She loves the shippiness, actually!! Bring on the looks, the touches, the words, the waterbe....excuse me, I have a cold. But, if there's too much shippiness, the impact is lessened! It's like M & S now just say and touch and look and it's not as special somehow!! But she still likes it anyway, even though she knows she shouldn't!!! Oh, the sweet agony of it all!!

Sister Lesphile

Les will be with us "until Our St. slams Mulder against the wall with heated passion! (It has to 'really' happen, too. Non of that "oh, BTW, it was just imagined stuff.)."

Rokken Robin, Metal Priestess

Sittin' on top o' the fence, Robin reminds us that there's always time for a good song. Click here for her filk.

Sister Adrianne

She used to be the pit boss in the 'ship's casino, but she can no longer allow CC, no doubt prompted by the machinations of TETINFF, to recklessly toy with her emotions. Besides, that sea air was making her very wrong-haired, and she can't have that, now can she? Also, she get a special, tingly thrill from always being right, as only those on the Fence can be. With her Laz-E-Boy with an extra-short footrest, She has joined our happy band as we sit and scoff at the less enlightened. She even does some nifty, Olympic balance-beam style backflips into our pool!

Agent Ari

Agent Ari, Lurker Extraordinaire, sits high on the fence, keeping a sharp on the dock and "wherever it is the noromos hang out."


Her catlike abilities allow her to walk the fence rather well, and even if she falls, she jumps right back on it again.

Sister Alayne

Since she's trying to keep control of her four-year-old 'shipper niece, we give SisAlayne first priority (well, after myself and the Major) in choosing tapes. Oh, the folly of youth!

Sister Star

She's not being indecisive; she's just being smart! Star sits high above the ship in her comfy yellow chair, with a great view of the widescreen TV.

Sister Heather

Heather was a shipper for a long, long time, but The Movie made her step back and take a look at everything. And she realized, her, the UST is nice, but she's watching The X-Files, not The Relationship! As long as the mytharc's juicy, and the Gunmen are great and Krycek is such a lovely, evil man, she will be happy.

Sister Mary Darwin

Mary Darwin will no longer be sucked in by the evil Carter-man only to be spit out again and again and again. She will proudly sit on the fence with us (making no attempt to grab the remote) and smile sadly down on the unenlightened scurrying about in their vain attempts to sneak into the darkness that is Chris Carter's mind.

Sister Meredith

As a fencesitter for just about forever, Meredith has joined us on the fence to avoid the temptation of invites to take a turn on the deck of the ship. In her combat boots and with her Laz-E-Boy, she's taken up residence and is making us RKTs.


Avatar was always looking for a place to kick back where she could think shippy AND Noromo thoughts, and still be in one place. We (the management) assure her the Fence is comfy!

Sister Thessaly

Thessaly has recently discovered that her Lay-Z-Boy is in fact one of those "escape chairs". She encourages all other fencers to check any "side pockets" on their chairs; if they conceal a small remote control which seems umbilically connected to the chair itself, they too can receive a nice backrub while looking smugly out over towards the Ship and the Noromos, secure in the knowledge that not only are they Right, they are also Comfortable. ;)

Anna, lurker extraordinaire

She wavered. She was undecided. She was the walking definition of confused. And then she experienced an epiphany of sorts. After watching "Triangle" for the millionth time, it occurred to her that Carter is merely throwing us a bone, and will pull a fast one on us faster than we can say: nonmovieword. So she decided: screw him, and figured that it'd be safest for herself (and those watching with her) if she enjoyed the series from the top of the fence.

Tabby, the princess with claws

After almost boarding the ship after "Triangle," she has decided to take an official place on The Fence, for strength and moral support for the trials set up by He Who Messes With Our Minds Until The More Stable Of Us Want To Cry.

Sister Ivory

She's here for peace and quiet and Colin as a bartender and the security of always being right. She's got Laz E Boys and listening to Boris and the Major fight over the remote. Just her in her chair, a rita in her hand and a bungee cord wrapped firmly around her waist, purely as a precautionary measure.

Sister Mara Jade

She enjoys her comfy chair because she's a die-hard fencesitter!!

Sister Larie

She is glad to know she is not alone in her indecisiveness.


The fencesitter is always right; I am always right; therefore, I am a fencesitter.

Sister Dana Michelle (DrDana)

Her shipper mom tends to frighten her, but she feels nothing is safer than perching oneself on the fence.

Sister Kristin

She think Scully should get to have Kresge, Skinner, and Mulder. Scully deserves at least that much, right?

Sister Vivian

She's tired of having my shippy hopes dashed, but there's a haven on the fence away from all the turmoil.

Sister Daboid

Where else could she get to sit in a La-Z-Boy all day and drop water balloons over the sides of the fence at those less enlightened individuals down below?

Sister Scooby

She's sure she can put up with the occassional splinters one can get from sitting on the fence, and she has decided she will be more than happy with Whatever, Whenever, and However... plus, if a person partakes of one of her Scooby Snacks 30 minutes before XF viewing, it will help to boost the immune system to the effects of CC attempts at emotional manipulation

Lord Hogfish

She's not a shipper or a noromo. UST is the way to be. Just so long as one of them doesn't die in the end, she's happy. That would be really, really stupid. Especially if a fence killed them.

Sister Krikkit

"My arse is so firmly planted on the fence, the posts are scraping the back of my teeth." (Sis Krikkit's request for a blue beanbag chair instead of a Laz-E-Boy was processed and granted.)


She has found herself simultaneously screaming "Oh, my god. They are so great together! Do it!" and "Hey! What do you think you're doing? You can't do that! Do you want to end up like Moonlighting?" She didn't really know what to do about it. And then, she found The Fence and now she knows she's right - both of her.

Sister Shel

She grows weary of CC toying with my emotions, and looks forward to leaving behind most, if not all, of her 'shipper tendencies. Plus, a bigfatcushyleather La-Z-Boy sounds mighty appealing right now...

Sister ytwolf

She's taking the leap up from the gutter but retains the right to read smut to quiet the shippy tendencies. And she has brought along her heart patterned velour recliner.


She truly believes that Mulder and Scully love each other deeply, passionately, and yes, romantically, and that if they get together it will be the most disastrous emotional event in either of their lives.

Sister Cassiopeia

She loves that quote "Shipper at heart; Noromo smart"

Sis Pip

Though she has been hanging on the fringes of the fence she has now become a part. And besides, she wanted a laz-y-boy. And despite what the others say, her filks were *not* shippy! They were deeply schmoopy, but that's allowed.

Sister Emily

For a while she was a shipper, but then she came to realize the PUNK side of Mulder, and now, she's okay with either way.

Sister Nell

She never hogs the remote, she makes a good 'Rita, she has mulled over aspects of the PUNK in reruns, and best of all, she's really good at taking out splinters.

Sister LiteCreamCheese

She's tired of focusing on the dumb 'ship and she just wants t'watch some GOOD OL' FASHIONED X-FILES! In a comfy chair, of course.


She wrote: "I mean, I'm not obtuse enough to deny the chemistry but I don't want Moose and Squirrel to get, as one clever person on the Usenet put it, "all weird like Frau Farbissina and Dr. Evil on Austin Powers"."

Sister Savvy

She wrote: "Before I officially joined the Abbey, my good friend Adrianne told me that, by my comments, I was a fence sitter. I have always felt that the M&S relationship could go either way. All I really care about is St. Scully having a beautiful and lasting relationship, where her man does not die." Savvy's got a dark purple leather Laz-E-Boy.

Sister Emily

Sister Cory

Sister Leah

Sister Zoe

Sister ScullyFu

Sister Linzzz

Sister Janelle

Sister Impoverished

Sister Dopey Truth


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