Room on the Fence

by Sister Rokken Robin

(sung to the tune of "Room at the Top" by Adam Ant)

LOONS have written, LOONS have said

"Keep Fox and Dana out of bed", uh-huh

Frustrating all the Shippers

They score less than the Clippers, uh-huh

But hope still reigns supremely

That they will act unseemly, uh-huh

UST, the urge to pounce,

UST in large amounts, uh-huh

Should our duo make goo-goo eyes,

The LOONS cry out "It is unwise", uh-huh

But Shippers heartily approve,

They shout it loud, "Bust a move!" uh-huh

Well..whoa-ohhh, whoa-ohhh,

Whoa-ohhh, yeah

There is always room on the fence

Should the Ship Wars grow too intense

You don't have to take your pick

You can sit back, enjoy the show...

there's always NC-17 fanfic...

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